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-Why doesn’t your office provide ‘on-site’ neurological testing?

Chances are, your patients are not being sent for neurological testing or they are being referred out with the hope that they come back.

If you are not referring patients for diagnostic nerve testing at all, the first question is why? As a chiropractor, isn’t the nervous system the focus of your care? How do you currently assess radiculopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, brachial or lumbar plexus lesions? Neurological testing is the only way to determine neurological compromise in these types of conditions.

-Offer more services to your patients.

Why not offer your patients the opportunity to have the only scientifically validated method of diagnosing neurological injuries performed “On-Site” in your own office? General Diagnostic Associates performs Nerve Conduction, Electromyography, and Evoked Potential exams in your office.

-Increased patient satisfaction and better case management.

Your patients won’t have to travel to see other doctors and there is an enhanced perception of the services provided by your practice. It’s also important in patient management. After all, if you now have the proper diagnosis, your treatments are going to be much more effective. With the ability to show neurological compromise, insurance carriers are more willing to allow additional chiropractic care.

-How the “On-Site” Testing Program works.

General Diagnostic Associates turns a spare room or unused treatment room in your office into a state of the art neurological testing suite whenever you need to have a patient tested. You simply fax us the patient information and we go to work authorizing the tests. A certified technician and doctor arrive at your office at the time of your choosing and we perform the required tests. Afterwards, we supply you with a 100% chiropractic based electrodiagnostic testing report and we will assist your office with all additional paperwork necessary for the patients testing. Now that’s service!


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