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Improved Patient Care for Local Chiropractors!

Gary R. Smith, DC and Jeffrey A. Ross, DC would like to introduce you to General Diagnostic Associates. We provide state of the art electrodiagnostic testing “on-site” in your office. We welcome the opportunity to provide quality electrodiagnostic testing for your patients.

We conduct NCV, Needle EMG, Evoked Potential, F-wave and H-reflex studies for your Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault and Private Insurance cases. Your patients deserve convenience and comfort during their examinations. What better place than your office?

At General Diagnostic Associates:
+ We are the only experienced chiropractic group to offer this service.
+ We use the most advanced diagnostic equipment available today.
+ Testing provides additional services for the patients in your office.
+ NY State Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic with over 40 years experience.
+ Factory trained and certified technicians.
+ There are NO patient minimums required for us to come to your office.
 We pre-authorize all studies and verify insurance coverage.
 Improve patient compliance with objective tests.
 Test results can help refute biased insurance examiners.
 Excellent documentation for cases involved in litigation/disability.
 Support the need for additional care.
 Show injury when MRI/CT is negative
 Reports that support CHIROPRACTIC treatment.


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