1.  On-Site Testing Program (Employee Leasing)
In your office with a neurodiagnostic technician and doctor certified in neurodiagnostic                   
procedures.  You employee lease the technician and supervise the NCV and SEP                          
procedures.  You are able to bill the technical component of these procedures.

2.  On-Site Testing Program (Non-Leasing)
In some cases, you may only be interested in having the procedures performed without                  
leasing the technician.  This identical to our leasing program, but you don’t bill for the technical         
component.  This allows for the convenience of testing your patients in your office without               
having to be on the premises or worrying about supervising the procedures.  We do all of the          
work for you!

3.  Off-Site Testing Program (Direct referral)  
If you would like to have a patient tested in a traditional fashion, you can make the referral to         
our office and we can make all the arrangements to have your patients tested in our office at            
their convenience.  

General Diagnostic Associates
On-Site Electrodiagnostic Testing